We invite you to review our newly-posted November 2023 California Employment Law Notes, a comprehensive review of the latest and most significant developments in California employment law. The highlights include:

Company That Hired Competitor’s Employee Was Not Entitled To Arbitrate Claims

Disability Discrimination Claim Was Properly Dismissed On Summary Judgment

Employee’s Attorney’s “Pervasive Incivility” Justified $460,000 Reduction In Fees

Employees Were Properly Awarded $7.2 Million For Employer’s Breach Of Contract

Lawyer-Investigators Recover Attorneys’ Fees Following Successful Anti-SLAPP Motion

Employer Improperly Delayed Pay To Employees Terminated After Onset Of COVID-19

Employee’s Meal and Rest Break PAGA Claims Survive Summary Judgment

Once Again, Employer Loses Right To Arbitrate By Failing To Timely Pay Arbitration Fees

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