Ortiz v. Los Angeles Police Relief Ass’n, 98 Cal. App. 4th 1288 (2002)

Cipriana Ortiz was employed as an administrator for LAPRA (a private, nonprofit association that processes employee benefits claims of current and former LAPD officers). Ortiz had access to officers’ names, residential addresses, telephone numbers, medical histories, family information, etc. During the course of her employment, Ortiz became romantically involved with and engaged to an incarcerated felon, Michael Estrada. After the existence of the romantic relationship became known to Ortiz’s supervisors, LAPRA’s board of directors informed her that due to an unavoidable conflict of interest, she would have to resign her position if she intended to maintain her relationship with Estrada. When Ortiz refused to resign, LAPRA terminated her employment. Ortiz sued for violation of her right to privacy, freedom of association, discrimination and wrongful termination in violation of public policy. The Court of Appeal affirmed dismissal on summary judgment in favor of LAPRA, holding that the termination was a rational act that was designed to protect the personal safety and well-being of police officers and their families.